• What size is 6thfinger?
    6thfinger is approximately 35mm in diameter and 19mm in height. Weight 35 grams.

  • What software do I need to use for 6thfinger?
    No, the device is plug and play, and does not rely on power outlet or batteries.

  • Does 6thfinger require being touch or connecting to a human body?
    No, it can interact with a capacitive touchscreen completely on its own without human touch.

  • Does 6thfinger work with both Android and iOS devices?
    Yes, they do, the 6thfinger reacts differently depending on device or application in use.

  • Does 6thfinger work with Clash of Clans on iPhone?
    We have received mixed user feedbacks regarding utilizing 6thfinger on the iPhone version of Clash of Clans due to the coding of the app on actions and responses. 6thfinger can still be utilized on other apps and games on iPhones, but we would advise against using 6thfinger for Clash of Clans on iPhones.